• In addition to a Nikkei Research Access Panel consisting of approximately 160,000 people, collaborative panels of around 6.5 million people in Japan and approximately 10 million people overseas are available. With these panels, we can satisfy any research need.
  • Customer Portal Site (※For Japanese only as of 2017)
    Nikkei Research has built and provides a Customer Portal Site (*Available in Japanese only as of 2017), which enables centralized management of multiple research results and simple data retrieval at any time. Managing all past research results in a single screen saves many steps for finding a relevant spreadsheet or report one by one and allows easy retrieval of the research results at any time. The site also works smoothly with our cross-tabulation tool “Cross-Lab.” The access permissions can be assigned to multiple operators, which is helpful when the client has more than one contact person.
  • Cross-Lab
    Nikkei Research provides clients with a tool that allows them to quickly tabulate research results in a browser free of charge. Because of its high operability, clients can tabulate data smoothly and without stress. The tool can be used easily even by beginners and complex data analysis is also available. Users who are unskilled at such operations can also employ an analysis service supported by us (an additional charge is involved).
  • Group Interview Room
    Nikkei Research has a comfortable special Group Interview Room at its headquarters in Tokyo, which enjoys excellent access to transportation.
    A bright room facing a main street and a round table that helps a moderator lead the interviewees. In the simple and modern space, interviewees can participate in the interview in a relaxed way. Behind the wall mirrors, there is a monitor room (audiovisual room), from which the interview can be simultaneously broadcast to a main conference room with a capacity of 66 persons. This area can also serve as a space to exhibit actual products or present images of products and services.
    Through two large magic mirrors that are placed at right angles to each other on the walls of the Group Interview Room, you can observe all interviewees from the monitor room. The monitor room also has a simultaneous interpretation booth, so even foreign observers can listen to the interview while observing the interviewees' expressions.
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