Notice Regarding Commencement of Operations of Nikkei Research & Consulting (Thailand) Co., Ltd., a Local Subsidiary in Thailand

Nikkei Research Inc. (the “Company,” headquartered in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Seiichi Miyake) hereby announces that Nikkei Research & Consulting (Thailand) Co., Ltd., the Company’s local subsidiary in Thailand, has been established and commenced operations on November 1, 2017. The new company, incorporated as a local corporation in Thailand, is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Nikkei Group that is jointly financed by three companies; namely Nikkei Research Inc.,Nikkei Group Asia Pte. Ltd. (Singapore) and Nikkei Inc. As a new base in Asia, the new company will work to expand research services, educational training consulting services and other services in Thailand and other countries in the Southeast Asia region.

Nikkei Research Inc. has been providing a variety of research and solutions through consulting to corporate customers with global footprints when they address their overseas branding strategies, improvement in overseas staff management, increase in customer satisfaction and other issues. Under circumstances in which the roles of local management companies and bases are becoming even larger in the Southeast Asian region, the Company expects to enhance its on-site mobility with the establishment of the local subsidiary in Thailand and will step up its efforts to support corporate customers in their initiatives for enhancing overseas marketing and global management, mainly in Asia.
Nikkei Research has supported Japanese companies in conducting business in Asian countries. In addition to conventional operations, Nikkei Research & Consulting will support Asian customers in discovering and solving issues in Asian markets and will also provide Japanese and other Asian customers with insights into Asian markets.

Four BOI-approved Businesses
  1. Consumer Research & Consulting
  2. Management Research & Consulting
  3. Digital Customer Data‐Collection & Consulting                                                     
  4. Facilitation/liaison service for associated companies and/or corporate group in various business activities in Thailand (Educational Training Consulting business)
Features of the Consumer Research & Consulting business 
  • We have substantial networks with Asian countries, including Thailand, which we have developed through many years of experience in the survey business.
  • We have experience in handling Japanese customers as well as Thai clients and will also provide quality surveys based on global standards, not local standards.
Features of the Management Research & Consulting business 
  • We conduct the management surveys that we have been carring out for the head office of Japan, such as ES, CS and compliance, in overseas countries.
  • We provide survey packages tailored for overseas countries.
  • For ES surveys, we provide white collar benchmarks, enabling you to make comparisons with general markets.
Features of the Educational Training Consulting business 
  • We have built platforms to comprehensively learn the competency required by the local representatives of Japanese companies operating in Thailand.
  • We plan and organize business missions to grasp the latest information about the trends of Asian companies from the perspective of newspaper reporters.
  • We provide new information through events in addition to newspaper reports to Japanese companies operating in Asia.
Name Nikkei Research & Consulting(Thailand)Co.,Ltd
President Seiichi Miyake
Headquarters 12th Floor, Ramaland Building, No. 952 Rama Ⅳ Road,
Khwaeng Suriyawongse, Khet Bangrak, Bangkok Thailand
TEL / FAX 66-2-059-7500 / 66-2-059-7501
Date of establishment September 6, 2017
Date of commencement of operations November 1, 2017
Capital 20 million THB
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