Rise of the Outlet Stores, "liberation" is the key
Gotemba and Karuizawa in the Top 10 list: Retail Area Census

Nikkei Research Inc. released the latest results of the Tokyo Metropolitan Area Retail Area Census, a survey on commercial facility usage.
The survey was conducted in the fall of 2021, covering approximately 700 commercial facilities in the greater Tokyo metropolitan area (Tokyo and its surrounding three prefectures). The Seibu Ikebukuro main store was the most visited facility for the third consecutive time, since the 2020 fall survey and followed by the 2021 spring survey.


Tokyo Metropolitan Area Commercial Facility [Most Visited] Ranking, Fall 2021

(numbers in brackets are ranking of Fall 2020)

(*Outside Metropolitan area)

1(1) Ikebukuro Seibu Ikebukuro Main Store
2(6) Shizuoka (*) Gotemba Premium Outlets
3(3) Shibuya Shibuya Hikarie
4(2) Shinjuku Isetan Shinjuku Store
5(12) Yokohama Sogo Yokohama Store
6(5) Akihabara Yodobashi-Akiba (Multimedia Store)
7(4) Shinjuku Odakyu Department Store Shinjuku
8(15) Nagano (*) Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza
9(11) Ikebukuro Tobu Department Store, Ikebukuro Store
10(7) Ginza, Yurakucho, Hibiya Ginza Mitsukoshi

Outlet stores on the rise

Two outlet stores outside Tokyo metropolitan area penetrated the top 10 list. While traveling a long distance was difficult due to the pandemic, these outlets have performed their attractiveness to customers by a relatively close location from Tokyo (around 90 minutes by car), and their outdoor environment let people feel safe to enjoy with children and friends. Facilities outside of the Tokyo metropolitan area showed an increase in their rankings, such as the Sogo Yokohama rising in fifth place.

Seibu Ikebukuro ranks No.1, again

Last year, the Seibu Ikebukuro main store, which ranked first, saw an increase in shoppers for groceries and prepared foods from Nerima ward and other surrounding areas, traveling a short distance using railways and subways. Results in this year’s survey showed an increase in visitors from Saitama prefecture, and the store is returning to its pre-pandemic state. There was also an increase in visitors for dining in restaurants, showing that customers are easing up on their self-restrictions upon going out.

Top 10 Value-of-Experience Ranking (within the 100 most visited facilities)

Rank Feel the “liberation” Feel “exciting” Luxurious
1 Minami-machida Grandberry Park Minami-machida Grandberry Park Ginza Mitsukoshi
2 LaLaport Tachikawa Tachihi Yodobashi Camera Shinjuku West Main Store Takashimaya Shinjuku Store
3 Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza Shibuya Scramble Square Isetan Shinjuku
4 Gotemba Premium Outlets GRANSTA Matsuya Ginza
5 Aqua City Odaiba First Avenue Tokyo Station Tamagawa Takashimaya S.C.
6 AEON Lake Town (kaze, mori, Lake Town Outlets) UNIQLO Ginza Nihombashi Takashimaya S.C.
7 Terrace Mall Shonan Tokyu Hands Shinjuku Store Sogo Yokohama
8 Tama-Plaza Terrace / Tokyu Department Store Tama-Plaza Lumine Ikebukuro NEWoMan YOKOHAMA
9 Tamagawa Takashimaya S.C. AEON Lake Town (kaze, mori, Lake Town Outlets) Seibu Ikebukuro Main Store
10 MARK IS minatomirai DiverCity Tokyo Plaza GINZA SIX
Rank Expands my view and knowledge Cutting edge, trendy Feel “happy”
1 Books Kinokuniya Shinjuku Main Store BicCamera AKIBA First Avenue Tokyo Station
2 Tokyu Hands Shibuya Store Yodobashi Camera Multimedia Akiba Store GRANSTA
3 Shibuya LOFT GINZA SIX Ginza Mitsukoshi
4 Isetan Shinjuku Yodobashi Camera Shinjuku West Main Store Shin-Marunouchi Bldg.
5 GINZA SIX Shibuya Scramble Square UNIQLO Ginza
6 Tokyo Sky Tree Town (Tokyo Solamachi) Lumine Yurakucho Nihombashi Takashimaya S.C.
7 Yodobashi Camera Shinjuku West Main Store LaLaport Ebina Takashimaya Shinjuku Store
8 BicCamera Yurakucho Store Isetan Shinjuku Tamagawa Takashimaya S.C.
9 Yodobashi Camera Multimedia Akiba Store Lumine Ikebukuro Yaesu Shopping Mall
10 Ami Premium Outlets NEWoMan YOKOHAMA Lumine Yurakucho

Looking at the 100 most visited facilities, Gotemba Premium Outlets and Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza, which rose in the overall ranking, both gained high ratings in experiencing the feeling of “liberation”.
Furthermore, the data revealed that facilities of the 10 most visited relatively received high ratings in giving experiences of "luxurious" and "expands my view and knowledge”.

It was indicated that providing an environment where (1) people can enjoy without worrying about the infection amid this pandemic era, (2) people can experience the getaway from daily life in this socially isolated time, and/or (3) people can get to know new things, leads to attracting more customers.

Retail Area Census: Tokyo Metropolitan Area

A database of profiles and commercial facility usage from 14,000 residents in the Tokyo metropolitan area. The data is collected through a survey conducted twice a year (spring and fall). The latest survey, Fall 2021, conducted in September, covered about 700 commercial facilities in the greater Tokyo area (Tokyo and surrounding three prefectures, including some large outlet stores outside the area).

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