Message from the President

Delivering Optimum Solutions at a Reasonable Price
Toshihiko Fukumoto
There is no shortage of research companies in Japan. The Japan Marketing Research Association alone has a membership of approximately 130 firms, with estimated annual sales of 200 billion yen, which means that the average annual turnover per company is roughly 1.5 billion yen. Japan is, in short, a highly competitive market, with many powerful players vying for influence. In this context, the most prominent characteristic of Nikkei Research is the high quality and added value of our research services, backed by the reliability and extensive experience of the Nikkei Group.

Nikkei Research was founded in 1970. In the postwar era, marketing research methods from the U.S. were widely adopted by Japanese companies as the reconstruction and recovery was followed by rapid economic growth, and Nikkei Research, as a veteran research firm, contributed greatly to the development of the Japanese marketing research industry. Moreover, in last decade or so, the industry has seen major technological innovations, driven by the spread of the Internet. We have kept pace with these trends by developing—in addition to traditional marketing and statistical research methods—our own service menus and research methodologies in a wide range of fields including brand equity research, store strategy research, CS (customer satisfaction), employee surveys, and compliance investigations. We are also actively involved in the testing and implementation of new research methods using smartphones as well as other IoT-age approaches that use AI to process massive amounts of data and deliver information that is useful for product development, customer management, and ad effectiveness measurement. With research experience in 65 countries and regions around the world, including Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, we have been actively improving and expanding our capabilities to help businesses penetrate into foreign markets.

Another distinctive feature of Nikkei Research is our breadth as a comprehensive research firm. With our wide range of methodologies that includes not only web research but also mail surveys and interviews by researchers, one of our strengths is that we can offer the approach, or combination of approaches, that best suits our customers’ needs. Rather than delivering fast, low-cost research whose findings are only vaguely helpful, we focus on designing and conducting research, and delivering findings and analysis, that will contribute directly to solving the business issues that our customers are facing. Moreover, with our many years of experience conducting research for The Nikkei, Japan’s leading economic newspaper, we take particular pride in being Japan’s leading handler of corporate information in terms of both quality and quantity, which gives us an edge in internal and external B2B research and compliance/risk assessment.

As demonstrated by our numerous ISO certifications and Privacy Mark authorization, Nikkei Research is also committed to maintaining strict controls on the information that is entrusted to us, including information on customers and employees as well as research findings, and we will continue to strive every day to fulfill our role as a reliable member of the Nikkei Group by delivering the highest level of service in the industry.
Toshihiko Fukumoto
Nikkei Research Inc.
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