Our Work1

Client 1 (US): A high-end fashion company
To understand the preferences and purchasing habits of Japanese women in bag shopping.
Japanese Women’s Brand Tracking Survey
  • Online Survey (B2C)
  • Women aged 16-19
  • Approx. 12,000 respondents
  • 50+ questions
    (favorite bag brands, shopping frequency, etc.)
Client 2 (US): Accounting firm
To evaluate the company’s market position in nine countries (including Japan).
Professional & Legal Services Survey
  • Online Survey (B2B)
  • Approx. 200 respondents
  • 20 mins questions
    (service level, brand image, ideal service plans, etc.)
Client 3 (US): Healthcare company
To review the current situation and to estimate the future business plans of the medical/healthcare industry in Japan.
Qualitative Research on Pharmaceuticals
  • F2F Interview (B2C)
  • 40 opinion leaders
  • 30 mins interview
    (the image of the healthcare industry, awareness of medical brands, etc. )
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