Brand Growth Index
A Metric to watch the Brand Equity in a Long Term

For grasping the “Brand Equity”, you would need a credible framework to help structure and cover the necessary elements for good evaluation. In addition, broad coverage of industries and competitors are also the key for rich comparison.
Besides the metrics, it is important to watch the brand in a long-term because brands are not built in a day, and both brands and the market (the social environment, consumers’ behavior, business and work style, etc.), everything is changing, either drastic or moderate.

The following video describes the Brand Growth Index, a metric we developed for evaluating the brand in a long-term. It will help you understand not only a time-to-time static outcome but the context of how the brand has expanded its brand equity over time; what we can call as the brand journey.

Introducing Brand Growth Index (6 min. video)

For more information, read the following article to get a detailed explanation on Nikkei Research Brand’s Strategy Survey.

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